>>>RE: Suggestions regarding the Elenin conference.<<<

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Dear Richard and Robin!

This is Erik Norman from Sweden writing to you again, and I earlier wrote to you about
"the Incident" etc.

Now I have a further suggestion.

You see, I start to wonder, I just start to wonder, if one should not start to take the
Brown Dwarf/Nibiru thing a little more serious – despite what you Richard earlier said about
"the fear porn", and so on.

This would be "the Red Planet"/"the Red Star" that Sitchin was talking about, isn't it?

Some researchers, like Andy Lloyd, seem to right now be into this thing,
and the ancient records and myths, if they are not totally fake, because everything is staged,
certainly do point to this possibility, and also certain other signs do certainly not contradict it.

In the best case then Elenin may be something sent by somebody that, with some kind of
"hyper dimensional generator", or something like that, could prevent,
that is neutralize or lessen the effects of this incoming object – if it is not something else,
something put there, for instance, to distract our attention.

Maybe, I also think, this whole cyclical cataclysm thing could be staged,
which would be possible if you have the necessary level of technology.

If we now, as I understand both you and I do, believe that someone wants to keep us imprisoned,
or "in the box", as you said in the Elenin conference, here on planet Earth,
why then not arrange it so that civilisation is "knocked out" every now and then,
when we have developed much enough that it starts to be a treat to the controlling power?!

Erik Norman